Our Beginnings


We started as a group of collectors and defense tools and craftsmen who are dedicated to our craft and passion. This evolved into a major common goal for us which is to provide jewelry that also functions as a self-defense tool.


Owned by a Small Intimate Craftsmen Group


When you buy from us, you are buying not from a large jeweler, but from a close-knit group of craftsmen who have bonded to pursue their passion and love for jewelry and self-defense and share it with the world, promoting security, safety, and the arts.


Aside from customers who will wear our craft, we are also interested in kindred spirits, who love jewelry, jewelry making, self-defense, and even martial arts. We love creating bonds with our customers and followers. Doing so also makes it easy for us to communicate and assist them when they need it.


Direct to Consumer Trade


With us, you won’t be going through the traditional retail sales model. This means you need not deal with the rentals and middlemen retailers that add to the price of the products without adding any value. These are nothing but additional burdens to consumers.


With us, everything is done online and we adhere to the direct-to-consumer model, which means fewer fees that usually go to the middlemen because we directly sell to consumers. This model also allows for faster feedback from our customers which will help in product development. This also does wonders for customer support and assistance.


You may reach us at our contact page: _____. You may also email us at _______. You can also find us on Facebook: ____ and Twitter: ______.