Women's Self Defense Ring

A defender ring or self defense ring is a ring that can be worn daily as an accessory, yet it also functions as a weapon that is chic, practical, and discreet. This jewelry has the ability to tear human skin, draw blood, and even gather DNA from the attacker which is important in determining his/her identity.


Any self defense ring was designed with consideration of functionality and fashion. It may strike you as a beautiful accessory; but during an emergency, this ring will give you extra leverage for you to survive in any perilous situation. This self defense ring can be made of aluminum or stainless steel. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear. This stylish piece of jewelry can make any woman feel more confident and capable in any situation.


Self defense rings vary in sizes. There are those that have to be custom ordered. There are other jewelry types that can also be used for defense. These include self defense necklaces, bracelets, and even hair accessories. All these accessories may also be customized into your preferred color and size.


Self Defense Ring for Women 

Women’s self defense rings are reliable self defense products that are fit for active individuals. This ring is a comfortable and effective ring to use for protection whenever a woman goes out for a run, dinner with friends, or a date, and meet any untoward incident. There are many options for a self-defense ring for women.


Stainless Steel Cat Ears Ring 

This ring is designed with cat ears that make it so adorable. It is made of 18K rose gold, and it is lightweight, which makes it convenient to use. It is also an affordable ring at only $8.99. It’s a perfect ring for cat lovers. The cat ears can be used to tear skin and gather DNA and at the same time to break the glass.


Pearl Self Defense Ring 

A pearl ring can look luxurious and harmless, but a self defense ring with a pearl accent has a deeper purpose. The pearl can be unscrewed to reveal a sharp blade. This can be used to go deeper on human skin and to slash its way through the nerves and blood vessels. It may even cut a part of muscle and bones. This defense ring has a minimalist design which makes it even more discreet. Moms, runners, young professionals, and any woman who is alone most of the time can use this right on a daily basis. The hidden blade is a 5 mm double-sided curved blade with pointed tips. Its base is 2mm in width and its spine is 1mm thick.


Self Defense Ring Rose


Another popular design for a self defense ring is the rose design. This appears as casual jewelry but can be transformed into a bladed weapon in just seconds. This has the ability to stab and slice the skin of your attacker to collect his or her DNA which serves as evidence. The ring has a beautiful rose on top of it. The rose has three petals. It is gorgeous, but it can save your life too.


Self Defense Ring Jewelry


A self defense ring is not only for women but also for men. Often it comes with a contemporary style made of lucite or stainless steel, tungsten, or aluminum. It looks cool and chic and it will go with any outfit you fancy, but it can also be a reliable defense tool.


There are different types of defense rings. For those that have a flat surface, all you have to do is to swivel the ring around using your next finger to make sure that the corner is facing up. Its pointed corners are capable of inflicting pain particularly when you aim for your attacker’s face. The prices for these knockout rings vary from $40 to those that are made of lucite to the silver ones that are worth $160 each.


An example of a self defense ring for men that exudes a manly appeal is the hexagon self defense ring. It is portable and can be easily carried in your pocket. This can also be unfolded and worn on your fingers. This is a great ring to use when you break a glass or defend yourself from someone.


Bephamart pocket self defense ring is one of a kind since you can use it on your finger or around your neck, to defend yourself against any attacker. It weighs 35g and is made up of high-grade zinc alloy. Its head can inflict pain on others when used in an attack. This ring is loved for being affordable too.