What You Must Know about Self-Defense Tungsteel Steel Rings

Given the propensity to be attacked especially for women, tungsten self defense rings are becoming more popular. Women’s defenses can be improved by learning judo, taekwondo, and other fight skills. They also need to equip themselves with external self-defense objects like an electric shock stick, anti-wolf spray, and tungsten self defense ring.


A tungsten steel self-defense ring which is known by many names like tungsten steel attack head ring or tungsten steel anti-wolf ring is made of tungsten steel. It is known for its exquisite craftsmanship and its inner and outer planes are polished well. This ring is comfortable to wear, and you can expect to have no concerns of fading and rustiness. It is popular for its high hardness, abrasion, and corrosion-resistant, durable and not merely decorative, plus it is also good for giving first aid. 

 self-defense tungsteel rings

This self-defense ring can be worn anytime and anywhere you go. It can give you peace of mind and more self-confidence. It can be worn as a pendant or as a keychain on the bag. In an emergency, it can be worn in the finger right away and force its chain to come out and use it to attack.


This ring is a bit large since it is not merely a decorative ring, but a self-defense ring as well. Its size makes it more convenient to take off. It has to be noted though that the ring is to be worn on a powerful finger such as the middle finger or the index finger.


Tungsten steel is not as strong as the world’s toughest diamonds, but this ring made of tungsten steel may also be used to break any window to escape. It has a pointed tip that can be used for hitting the four corners of a window. It can be used to break glass which will also give them more time to escape.


There are also tungsten steel self-defense rings that can be worn by men. They may come in a different design, but they work for the same purpose as the women’s self-defense rings. To those who want to wear it, make sure that you concentrate your powers on this one object to protect yourself.