Spike Ring Self Defense

There are many self defense rings and other wearables in the market today. Some of these are designed for both men and women while there are also those that are for women only. Examples of these are the Black Mamba Ring, Self Defense Hair Accessories or Hair Daggers, and Self Defense Nail Claws.


The Black Mamba Ring functions as a fist extension and it can claw, strike, pierce the opponent as well as collect DNA. The hair dagger comes with a knife-like end that can pierce and stab for defense purposes. The claws also protect women by wrapping around the fingertips to serve as an extension and pierce and strike to get away from an attacker.


Apart from these, you can find a spiked ring for women online that could be in pink or blue.


There are many options for self defense rings. Here are two more that can make you more unique and somehow discreet.


Self Defense Knuckle Ring


A self defense knuckle ring may vary in style, but their uses and benefits are similar. Self defense knuckle rings are lightweight, and you will find them easy to carry around. This ring may be for one finger or four fingers. The idea is to put your finger or fingers into holes, and they become deadly when they are clutched in the palm of your hand. These rings are a great tool for protection especially when you go into a club or bar. They have metal knuckles that can take a strong punch. They are not that conspicuous and are of the pendant type. Each ring also comes with a great looking skull.


There are also self defense knuckle rings for men. They have a stainless steel base that is not prone to rusting and fading. The silver ring is one that is made of stainless steel without any plating material on its surface, requiring only minimal care. Great attention to detail was observed when these rings are made; that is why all their edges are polished perfectly. No wonder these rings fit snugly on the fingers and quite comfortable to wear.


Cat Ear Self Defense Ring


You may opt for a cat ear self defense ring instead particularly if you like cats. You can find a cute kitty cat multifunction finger ring. It works as an accessory and at the same time a self defense tool. It’s a great tool for defense and survival for women who are exposed to the city’s concrete jungle. Any woman can feel safe and confident knowing she’s wearing something she can protect herself with times of danger. You could be trendy and exude a rare appearance with this ring, telling the world that you’re a woman but you are capable of taking on anything that comes along.


The cat ear self defense ring may have a gold or silver finish with sturdy stainless steel construction. Its two ear-shaped spikes can amplify the strength and power of your punches. These rings can help you break a window with your punches, enabling you to escape dangerous situations.