Self Defense Rings for Sale

Self-defense rings, also known as defender rings, are designed to be worn as daily jewelry yet it has the purpose of arming you with a weapon that can be practical, discreet, and wearable if not chic. This self-defense jewelry enables you to cause harm to anyone who threatens to harm you. It can draw blood, tear the skin, or collect the person’s DNA straight from your hands.


The trick is to wear the self defense ring every day to arm yourself whether you go for a run, traveling somewhere, or going out with friends. If ever you encounter any dangerous situation, all you have to do is unscrew the ring top and unsheath its blade weapon. This ring can deter and also incapacitate anyone who plans to inflict harm on you.


Self defense rings come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Some of these are designed using the taser technology. There are those that are made of steel while some are made of plastic. Several are also made of strong brass. These rings can be silvery or golden.


The design and outlook that goes with a self defense ring can give you the confidence to go out using it. It looks highly fashionable and stylish, and it goes well with any outfit. What gives you more confidence is that you know how to protect yourself in case of an attack.


Indeed whether it is a self defense claw ring or a bear self-defense ring you have, it certainly can give you several benefits, and the most significant of all of them is that it enhances the wearer’s self-confidence to greater heights and it eliminates the fear from any bully or predator.


Self Defense Claw Ring


This ring has a punk style, which makes it unique and quite exquisite. Its end can be sharpened if you think it is necessary. It is made up of 316L stainless steel, known for being solid and durable. It is also skin-friendly to those who are sensitive to stainless steel.


There are claw rings of varied designs. Another option is the TigerLady claw ring which is modeled after the retractable claws of a cat. The eagle claw defender ring is another option. This ring is for men. It is made of stainless steel.


You may also opt for the Black Mamba nail claw, a self defense ring that goes to your fingertip. It serves as the extension of your finger. It is adorned with the black mamba with a protruding head equipped with grooves to collect DNA.


Bear Ring Self Defense


This self defense ring is made of stainless steel. It comes with subtle yet sharp points that can provide constant self-defense with pressure points that are too powerful to break a glass. Its impact is sixty times stronger than a person’s bare knuckles.


You may opt for a Guard Dog Security Bear Ring that can be worn on a daily basis, whether you are dressing up casually or simply going out for a run. Apart from its strong makeup, it also has an elegant color finish. You may choose from its three colors: red, black, and gold.