Self Defense Ring Knife

Any man or woman would benefit a lot from a self defense ring knife. A ring knife for men can be made into a beautiful fashion accessory and at the same time a reliable self defense tool. You can find one that is made of high-grade SUS stainless steel and with a design that is based on the 12 constellations. It’s not like any handmade ring. It is made with the finest design, giving it a magnificent appearance. It's a self defense tool when you are in danger and a ring with a hidden knife if you are not. It also comes with a safety button to open and close the mini knife easily and safely. 

There are also ring knives that are for women. These are particularly a great defense tool option for active women. You can find one that is made of heavy-duty plastic. It comes with a serrated edge, and it can be worn on any finger. This ring for women is comfortable, safe, convenient, and fashionable, which makes them always ready for any possible situation. The idea is that we naturally use our hands to fight off when we are attacked. With the ring knife on your finger, your effectiveness in evading an attack and reaching safety is enhanced. 

Men's Self Defense Rings 

Similar to women’s, men’s self defense rings are both an accessory that will go with any outfit and at the same time a defense tool. It’s a weapon that is wearable, comfortable, convenient, and discreet. These rings are capable of defending their wearers by having the power to tear the skin, collect DNA, draw blood, and of course cause pain. You can wear this daily, and it goes with any of your activities like jogging, dining with friends, traveling, and others. When you are faced with a dangerous situation, it only takes unscrewing the top to reveal a bladed weapon that can help prevent and incapacitate an attacker. 

Titanium Escape Ring


This is a great ring for men that will help them escape captivity. It is a simple yet elegant ring and it is made of titanium. This ring has a combination of saw and handcuffs shim pick which is hidden. It can easily be accessed and deployed when needed even when you are handcuffed. The shim can turn into a single-locked handcuff. The saw on the other hand can cut duct tape, rope, ties, disposable handcuffs, and others. It’s made of stainless steel and has unusual flexibility. 

Go Guarded Self Defense Ring 

This is a self defense ring that you can easily slip on any of your fingers and use for defense each time you run, walk, or do something outdoorsy and even indoors. It is made of glass-infused heavy-duty plastic and also a thermoplastic elastomer. It is an affordable option for a defense ring. 

Invisible Self Defense Ring 

Men and women may also have the Invisible Self Defense Ring for their own safety and security particularly when they’re outdoors or often left alone to fend for themselves. The best thing about the invisible ring is that with just a click of a button it can transform from an accessory to a weapon. This is a piece of jewelry that exudes convenience, fashion and style, and safety in general. 

This jewelry is a convenient weapon because it is always on your finger. You don’t have to look for it in your bag or search your pockets which will only delay your time to put up a defense. The hidden weapon is quick to respond. You only have to press a button and the blade pops out fast. It is made of high-grade SUS stainless steel that can cut through aluminum. It can fit your finger the best way possible due to its adjustable inner diameter. 

The Invisible Self Defense Ring is also designed for both men and women. It is trendy and highly fashionable. Wearers may even be able to express themselves by getting one with their zodiac sign on it. It has a free size which means anyone can wear it; the ring is highly adjustable. This ring would make a lively gift for your loved ones and friends. 

An invisible self defense ring for women has a micro knife. It looks like a harmless fashion accessory but it is equipped with a tiny steel blade that smoothly peeps out once it is needed. Others see the ring as an emergency and rescue survival tool. It’s not called a knife ring for anything.