Self Defense Jewelry for Women: More Than Just a Trend

Women are usual victims of violent crimes all over the world. They are often victims of unreported sexual crimes and other crimes as well. There are many self-defense weapons available in the market, but only a few can be easily integrated into their lifestyle. Most women don’t bring a purse or bag when they go out for socialization.


The best scenario is for women to be equipped with the right tools and resources that they can turn to during an emergency. Such tools have to be easy to use and accessible yet still blend well with women’s daily wear.


Defining Self Defense Jewelry


spike ring for womenSelf defense jewelry is a cool kind of accessory that is designed for women. These are accessories that are intended to fit into the real female lifestyle, making women strong and empowered wherever they may be. Self defense jewelry is a combination of stylish jewelry and practical self defense tools. They allow women to stay safe without having to choose between fashion and function.


The Essence of Wearing This Jewelry


When women accessorize with the defense ring, they can stay fashionable and yet be more confident of their safety, knowing by heart that they can get past any danger that may befall them. It’s best to look for a tungsten self defense ring that does not require any training or experience to use since it is designed based on human’s natural defense responses. It’s a defense tool that is easily accessible for you since you are wearing it.


Defense Rings


Self defense rings are usually made from high-grade aluminum. It’s a lightweight and comfortable ring to wear, yet it is designed to have an enhanced impact response in case of any emergency. It’s a stylish piece that that will make you feel confident and capable regardless of the setting.


spike ring for womenThese rings are available in different sizes. Some of them have to be custom ordered. The spike self defense ring is a popular type today due to the uniqueness of its style. It also offers an easy-to-access tool in any emergency. This ring’s striking design gives you a highly unique sense of comfort and empowerment. The spike ring is characterized by spikes that are found on top of it. These spikes can inflict pain on your attacker.


Another good option is the invisible self defense ring. It is a stainless steel ring that is highly wearable but it allows you to cut things and scares off predators. With this unassuming ring on your finger, you need not scour the contents of your handbag or purse to look for a self defense tool. It’s with you all the time. This is made of high-grade SUS stainless steel that has the capacity to cut through aluminum. It has an adjustable inner diameter which can ensure the best fit on your finger.


You may also like the claw ring self defense ring. It’s a ring that comes with a single protrusion with the shape of a talon or claw. Its shape enhances the user’s grip strength and enhanced open hand strike in case of an attack by an assailant.