Product Reviews of Disguised Self Defense Weapon Products

Civilians can protect themselves by using affordable self-defense weapons like shock guns and pepper spray. In the event that they are in a perilous scenario, their goal is to buy them some time so that they may find aid and possibly escape with their lives.

Law enforcement agencies have relied on these devices for decades and have had considerable success. Most self-defense objects are obvious, but there are those that aren't. As to what end? Assault situations benefit greatly from the element of surprise, which gives the user the upper hand.

Some of the top products are included in this short product review.

For example, there's a "lipstick-like" spray that contains 10 percent OC and looks like a tube of lip gloss. Contains 20 sprays lasting one-half second, with a reach of 10 feet, and is available in five different colors.

Second, a 950K volt stun device disguised to seem like a camera phone. Pretender Stunner. Two layers of safety and a 12-LED flashlight are included in this design. A lifetime guarantee is included with this product.

An OC shot with two barrels that looks like a pager and can be carried on your belt for quick access is the Pepper Pager.

It is available in two sizes: eight inches with 80,000 volts and sixteen inches with 200,000 volts for this high-powered illumination. An alarm and lifetime warranty are included in both models. There are no batteries in this package. Stun gun for truckers and those who travel frequently.

The most widely used stungun in the world is the cell phone stun gun. An 800,000 volt stun gun with an alert, a pin to disarm it, and a brilliant illumination. A lifetime guarantee includes a free holster and free batteries.

One-pound walking weights with foam-covered handles are coated with an OC spray with a concentration of 10%. For runners and walkers, this is the ideal pepper spray disguise. Keys and cash may be kept safely within.

Make sure you don't fall victim to the element of surprise. These clever self-defense tools will have you on the defensive in no time.